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Johnny E. Washington, III is an artist, writer, producer, director, entrepreneur and visionary from Detroit, MI.  He was raised on the eastside of Detroit at a time when a lot of people didn’t encourage others to be successful.  He graduated from Northwestern High School and enrolled at Ferris State University. A testament to defeating the odds, Washington had a great support system that consisted of his mother and father. They are responsible for the man the world sees today.  Community service and working with nonprofit organizations really helped develop his forward-thinking mindset. Being able to see a positive change in people is what has driven him to excel. In 2006 Washington took time out of his busy schedule to start BOTS Entertainment with his younger sister Karinda Washington.  The brother-sister duo managed BOTS nearly 10 years. In 2008, he became the CEO of his own independent recording label, GGMG.  He later started a clothing line, entitled Damalline. The clothing line has taken off with remarkable sales in the first 2 years.  Providing opportunities for others is what really makes Mr. Washington smile inside. In addition to his success in the entertainment industry, he is also the owner of a janitorial cleaning service.


Washington’s motto is “Hard work and dedication is something that must be instilled in you.”  He believes walking through life oblivious to change isn’t helping the future at all. With so many accomplishments in his catalog he still pushes forward to make the world a better place. From his perspective, ultimately everyone has the potential to contribute to this planet in some shape, form and fashion. Taking his talents and passion to the director’s chair was something he had success with in the past. He became the director of a community television show called On the Corner. This was a hands-on project from casting, lighting, audio, production, green screen filming and editing. This experience opened doors for many production opportunities for his work to be seen by all of Wayne County, Michigan. With remarkable television exposure in his portfolio, it was time to take the globe.




Going Global Music Group LLC


Big E Management


Ernest Thompson III




Ernest Thompson III



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